How to Polish Harley Rotors to Make Them Shine Like Chrome?

Answer If you want a show-stopping Harley, you'll need to polish every bit of chrome, including the brake rotors. Fortunately, it's fairly easy to polish the rotors without removing them from your bike. B... Read More »

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How to Make Chrome Shine?

Often used as an accent on cars and appliances, chrome is a soft metal, usually applied in very thin layers. Though soft and easily scratched, chrome adds shine and style. Thankfully, cleaning it i... Read More »

How to Make Chrome Shine With Lemons?

Chrome can become tarnished with mineral deposits. To remedy this, you don't need harsh cleaning products. Instead, you can make chrome shine using lemons. The lemon juice and a bit of elbow grease... Read More »

How to Make Chrome Car Polish?

An alternative to purchasing expensive ($8 to $16) automobile chrome polish is to use equally effective and considerably less expensive chrome polishes made from products available in most homes. O... Read More »

How to Re-shine Scratched Chrome?

There are only a few ways to re-shine scratched chrome. Chrome can become scratched from everyday use and weather. Before the scratched chrome can be re-shined, the scratches must first be removed ... Read More »