How to Poke Everyone Online on Facebook?

Answer Facebook's "Poke" feature is a way of virtually waving to your friends on the social networking site. Users are notified when they receive pokes from other people and have the option to poke them b... Read More »

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What is "poke" in facebook I couldnt understand it. If I poke my friend, what happens?

KEEP IT IN THE PANTS MAN!!!No Actually its just a way of getting their attention is all.Good Luck HTH.

What does "poke" mean on Facebook?

ha it means to "poke" someone like I poked you with my finger, but it's just sent in a message saying "You were poked by ........" (whoever poked you)You can do tons of stuff to people you can:B*tc... Read More »

What does poke mean on facebook?

It means what you want to think it means. Some people poke you because they think it's funny. Some people poke you because they like you. Others poke you because they're horny. Basically, there... Read More »

Why do people poke you on Facebook?

While the meanings could vary greatly it could just be that they feel like saying hey informally without going into a full out conversation. Plenty of things on Facebook make little sense at best.