How to Plug Something Into the Fuse Box in a Vehicle?

Answer Many 12-volt appliances can be used in vehicles, from phone chargers to kitchen appliances. Plugging these devices into a fuse box requires an intermediate outlet that transfers power from the vehi... Read More »

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How to Tell If a Vehicle Fuse Box Is Bad?

Automotive fuse boxes typically fail due to overheating. There are several causes for overheating, including added aftermarket electrical accessories or undersized wires or connections that were in... Read More »

How to Hardwire in a Vehicle Fuse Box?

Hardwiring into the fuse box is often the easiest way to connect electronic accessories to your vehicle. Aftermarket modifications such as headlights or underglow kits require a stock power source.... Read More »

How To Plug Wires Into a Car Fuse Box?

There are several steps to take before adding power usage to an existing automotive circuit. In some cases there is a built-in, accessory tap in the fuse panel that makes the process less complicat... Read More »

Can i use a 13amp fuse in a 3amp plug will it work?

Yes of course you can, 3amp, 5amp and 13amp mains fuses are all the same size.Having said that, for safety you should always replace a fuse with one of the same rating. For example, if you put a 13... Read More »