How to Plug Rough Sawn After Blown in Insulation?

Answer Blown-in insulation may have solved your insulation problem, but now you need to plug the holes left from the installation. Holes in rough-sawn siding can be plugged with a scrap of matching siding... Read More »

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What Is Rough-Sawn Lumber?

Rough-sawn lumber is lumber that has not been dressed and has surface imperfections caused by the initial sawing operation. Most lumber is sold after it has been dressed; that is, it has been plane... Read More »

How to Prepare Rough Sawn Timber for Woodworking?

Rough sawn wood and the same preparedThis article will show how you can make rough sawed timber into squared, planned wood for woodworking.

How much blown insulation do I need?

Insulating a home adds value to the home and reduces heating and cooling costs. The type of insulation you choose depends on the size of the home and where the insulation will be placed. In the cas... Read More »

How much is blown insulation?

The cost of blown insulation ranges from $0.40 per square foot to $3.50 per square foot. Prices vary depending on the thermal performance rating of the insulation, known at the R-factor. The amount... Read More »