How to Plug In Roof Heat Tape?

Answer Roof heat tape, also commonly called electrical de-icing cables, is heated by electricity and used to melt ice. When winter arrives, ice and snow build up on roofs, gutters and water pipes. Damage ... Read More »

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How do I install heat tape on the roof?

Measure the overhang of the roof in feet, and add 1. Add the measure of the perimeter of the roof in feet and the measure of the gutter in feet to the result. Add the length of the downspout.Clip t... Read More »

Commercial Heat Tape Solutions for Roof Ice?

In cold climates, snow falls, freezes, and partially thaws in the presence of escaping interior heat and freezes again. Ice dams form, and icicles accumulate. Roof vents, encrusted with ice, cease ... Read More »

Can electrical tape be used with heat tape?

Electrical tape can be used with heat tape. When using heat tape, it is recommended that you use electrical tape instead of electrical wire to hold the heat tape in place. Be careful not to run hea... Read More »

How to Test Heat Tape?

Many people use a heat tape under their mobile home or house plumbing pipes. A heat tape is usually on the main water supply pipe coming into your home and prevents the pipe from freezing. It is a ... Read More »