How to Plot a Parabolic Curve?

Answer A parabolic curve is the shape created when a parabola is plotted on a graph. A parabolic curve differs from other shapes in that any point along the curve is an equal distance from a fixed point a... Read More »

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How could you determine the melting point of a substance from its heating curve or cooling curve?

The heating or cooling curve will have two flat parts when the temperature does not change. The flat part of the curve is when a phase change occurs. The first phase change will be from a solid to ... Read More »

The Differences Between the BlackBerry Curve and the Curve 2?

The BlackBerry Curve line is part of a family of smartphones and hand-held wireless devices developed and produced by Research In Motion (RIM). Aimed at the mid-range consumer market, the Curve lin... Read More »

What is a parabolic heater?

When looking to heat a small area, a parabolic electric space heater can be an effective alternative to regular space heaters or the more daunting task of installing a more complex heating system.N... Read More »

What Is Parabolic Geometry?

Also known as Euclidean geometry after the Greek mathematician Euclid, parabolic geometry is a mathematical system comprised of a small set of axioms from which theorems were deduced. It represents... Read More »