How to Plot a Parabola in MATLAB?

Answer The technical computing software MATLAB allows users to create data which is stored in arrays and matrices for further manipulation and processing. Often it is necessary to input this data into an... Read More »

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How to Display Point Value on a Plot in MATLAB?

MATLAB is a technical computing program used to process and analyze large data sets. Frequently scientists convert raw data using complex algorithms to other forms that allow comparison to other i... Read More »

How to Plot Variable Functions With a Matrix in MATLAB?

MATLAB is a professional programming package that contains a range of prebuilt functions for importing, analyzing, modeling and graphing technical data. Commonly, parameters for a mathematical func... Read More »

How to Do Parabola Equations?

Parabolas are the graphs of quadratic equations, or equations of the form y=ax2+bx+c. In Algebra and in many upper-level math courses, you will need to be comfortable with interpreting and graphing... Read More »

How to Calculate the Max of a Parabola?

One of the many ways scientists use parabolas is to model the motion of projectiles. If you shoot an object into the air at any angle, the height of the object as a function of time is a parabolic ... Read More »