How to Plot a Contour Map on a TI-89?

Answer Contour maps, two and three dimensional maps that use curved lines to represent the elevation (third dimension or height) of a surface, are often used to draw terrain maps. In science, engineering ... Read More »

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How to Plot a Story?

Have a basic idea for a story, but don't know what to do now? There are a lot of articles telling you how to write once you have a plot, or how to expand your plot once you have the skeleton. But w... Read More »

How to Find Your Novel's Plot?

Many people have a novel they would like to write. The first task in writing a novel is to construct its plot. The plot of a novel is its storyline, plan or scheme of events that take place in the ... Read More »

How to Write a Plot?

A plot contains the events of a story: the things that happen to the various characters and the actions they engender throughout its length. A strong plot translates into a compelling, readable sto... Read More »

What does"plot"mean in literature?

The term "plot" in literature refers to the sequence of events that constitute a story. Plots include the development of characters, the conflict and the resolution at the end of a story.References... Read More »