How to Play the Viola in a School Orchestra?

Answer ViolaWant to play in your school string class? Think violins and cellos are over-rated? Then look to get a viola! We are so special we can play on the cellos special string (C) and play the violins... Read More »

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How to Play Viola?

The Viola is a wonderful, beautiful instrument, and being able to play it is a sign of intelligence in music. The viola is NOT an octave lower than the violin and is NOT smaller than a violin, as s... Read More »

How to Play In a Church Orchestra?

If you're a fairly good instrumentalist andfeel you are ready for something more playing in a orchestra is a awesome experience!

If you played in an orchestra, which instrument would you play?

Good evening Birdy :)I like the Christmas outfit! Well, fantasy being the wonderful thing it is {in reality I only play tambourine}, I think it just might be the Double Bass. Piano, Violin or Flute... Read More »

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