How to Play an Ocarina With 8 Holes?

Answer Learning how to play the ocarina can be a difficult task, because there are many different sizes and each requires different fingering to produce the same note. The eight-hole ocarina enables you t... Read More »

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How to Play the Ocarina?

The ocarina is an unusual instrument, only really commonly known to fans of the Nintendo's Zelda games and musicians. It is similar to the recorder, but has a different shape.

How do I Play "Sheik's Theme" on an Ocarina?

Sheik has a secret in "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" but the advice he provides keeps you from digging too deeply into his past. A piece of background music aptly titled "Sheik's Theme" accompa... Read More »

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Rats do it and its not the little ones, its the ones that look like big freakin cats! When the garbage man comes ask him for some poison and put it in the holes. Watch your car too, they chew on th... Read More »

How do i use the wii ocarina?

Plug in your Nintendo Classic Controller for the Wii system into your Wii remote. Since the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was designed for the Nintendo 64 console, it is not compatible with the ... Read More »