How to Play a PS2 ISO on an Emulator?

Answer Iso files are direct copies of the disk from which they were made. For instance, when you make a backup copy of a PlayStation 2 games, an iso file is created. The PS2 iso file can be used to play t... Read More »

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How to Play an SNES Emulator on the PSP?

Running an SNES emulator on the Sony PSP is an activity that brings many nostalgic feelings for those who owned a Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 1990s. The SNES was the second vide... Read More »

How to Play Emulator Games on My PSP?

Emulators are typically placed onto a computer, allowing you to play classic consoles like the Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis and Nintendo 64. Usually it takes a higher powered computer to run these,... Read More »

How Can I Play Games With My N64 Emulator?

With an N64 emulator, you can play all of your favorite games on your computer without piles of cartridge games. All you need is the ROM file for the game you want to play, which must be loaded int... Read More »

Is there an emulator to play DS games on Android?

The Nintendo DS has two screens, as is its namesake, and thus is extremely difficult to emulate on devices which have small screens. Additionally, DS games tend to have small UI elements which are ... Read More »