How to Play a G/B Chord?

Answer When you see a chord that lists two notes separated by a slash mark, it indicates that the chord is an inversion. The number on the right side of the slash must be placed in the bass. The chord qua... Read More »

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How to Play a Barre Chord?

Barre chords looks hard to master but with these easy steps you'll be at it in no time. You may ask, what is a Barre chord.Barre chords (also known as Bar chords) are a type of guitar chord where o... Read More »

How to Play the Em Chord on the Guitar?

Learn to play the E minor (Em) chord on the guitar.

How to Play a C Chord on the Piano?

A C Chord, simple but effective. C is probably the easiest major scale to play on a piano/keyboard. The chord is very easy as well. This article will tell you how to play the C Major, Minor and dom... Read More »

How to Play a Power Chord?

Have you ever wondered how all the awesome bands play awesome rock, hardcore rock, and metal songs? well your at the right place.