How to Play While Recording in Reaper?

Answer Cuckos Reaper is a digital audio workstation software that is capable of recording and sequencing virtual instruments. Reaper can be configured to allow audio monitoring while recording to a track.... Read More »

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Can you play music while recording on your iPod?

i know you cant play music off of your ipod and record but im not absolutely positive about safari hope this helps

I have just bought a Panasonic Camcorder HC-V100 HD. Is it normal that when I play back a recording?

Yes it is Normal. That is how a HD camcorder works, it interpolates the video, which means for every frame taken by the Camcorder lens, 6 to 8 frames are created by the internal electronics in the ... Read More »

Does recording a video in Full HD make the sound quality better than if you were recording in the 240p / 360p?

canon specifies linear (uncompressed) stereo audio for this camera, so it should have best audio for all video options. that being said, you still won't be able to record longer than 1 hour at a t... Read More »

Good HD recording cameras for recording/filming music?

This is the camera the music video production companies use in our studio…They rent it for the day