How to Play While Recording in Reaper?

Answer Cuckos Reaper is a digital audio workstation software that is capable of recording and sequencing virtual instruments. Reaper can be configured to allow audio monitoring while recording to a track.... Read More »

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Can you play music while recording on your iPod?

i know you cant play music off of your ipod and record but im not absolutely positive about safari hope this helps

How to Sing While Recording?

You know how when you hear a song from a band that sounds better on the CD than at a concert? This is because the artist has a different attitude while recording the song. They want it to be the be... Read More »

HD Pvr 2 Keeps freezing while recording?

I looked at your channel and have to ask.. first why did you buy this? You're never going to get anywhere on Youtube now and you buy the most expensive game capture device. Now to answer your quest... Read More »

While recording a video on the iPhone 4 can you pause it?

No, you can not pause or zoom during the time of recording on the iPhone 4. The only thing you can do is download application such as Qik or other recording in the appstore which they have feature ... Read More »