How to Play VCR Tapes on HDTV?

Answer A VCR will play back VHS video tapes on an HDTV using the same connections as any other type of television. HDTV sets are equipped with composite-type RCA jack for hooking up older types of audio-v... Read More »

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Most vhs tapes my vcr tapes on, wont play on other vcr players, why?

Laura i worked in the video industry 13 yearsthe prob is the tracking from 1 vhs recorder to the other?the tape you recorded should work if you adjust the tracking , some video heads are better on ... Read More »

My VCR won't play tapes.?

You can try adjusting the tracking but chances are it is just broke. I do not know of a single repair shop that would even try to fix it. You can probably find one at a pawn shop that would replace... Read More »

How to Play Mini DV Tapes in a VCR?

Mini DV tapes store video images and sound onto a digital format. The tapes are small and digital so they are called "Mini DV" (DV = Digital Video). These are used in Mini DV camcorders. Once video... Read More »

How do you play vhs tapes on a blu ray player?

Speak to a mental health professional or an electrical retailer. Both should help