How to Play Risk With Only Two Players?

Answer The strategic war game Risk is most often played with between three and six players, but you can also enjoy this board game with only two participants. The rules of the two-player game follow along... Read More »

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How to Play Risk?

The object of Risk is to conquer the world by controlling every territory. Since you can't take over the world in real life, why not do it in a board game?

How to Play Risk Online?

Playing Risk at home with your friends can be quite fun, but playing Risk online is a very different experience that offers it's own rewards. Here are some steps to make sure you are on a winning p... Read More »

Does all blu - ray players play DVD?

Do blu ray players play DVD's?

No. Blu-Rays can only work on HDTVs. And in order to get the full resolution and quality of the Blu-Ray, your HDTV needs to have a pixel amount of 1080