How to Play Piano Music by Looking Only at the Keys?

Answer Want to play in a band as the pianist, but don't want to play the main melody? Want to improvise your way through a song to provide background? Or do you want to play guitar sheet music on the pian... Read More »

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How to Play "No One" by Alicia Keys on the Piano?

This easy to understand tutorial will teach you how to play "No One," a popular song by Alicia Keys, on the keyboard. All you need is a piano and the very basic knowledge of piano notes.

How to Play Piano Music?

Hum a simple tune. Tap your fingers on the table to the tune. You just played a song. Perhaps you have wanted to play the piano for years but believed it is too difficult. Yet learning to play simp... Read More »

Can a saxophone play piano music?

You may be able to transpose some simple piano melodies to the saxophone. However, you cannot play chords as, unlike the piano, the saxophone is not a polyphonic instrument--it can only play one no... Read More »

How to Play Blues Piano Music?

It may surprise you but, few pianists know how to successfully execute a simple blues on the piano. Given the hundreds of different chord variations in a 12-bar blues it's no wonder that many don't... Read More »