How to Play Music in the Classroom?

Answer Rhythm is a natural part of living. It's in the sound of trains on a track, and in the beating of the heart. Children respond to rhythm naturally when they rock to a song, tap the floor, and sponta... Read More »

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Which music instrument(s) do you play play or would you like to play?

How to Use Music in the ESL Classroom?

The acronym "ESL" stands for English as a Second Language. Students who speak a native language other than English often receive ESL instruction in public schools. Music can be a highly efficient t... Read More »

Classroom Music Activities?

Classroom music activities for young children should teach skills of attentive listening and sound exploration. Children should learn to recognize the sounds of a range of percussion instruments. M... Read More »

Music Projects for the Classroom?

Music education teaches children more than how to play songs. Playing instruments also teaches students about sequential learning, helps develop coordination and is an art form. The Children's Musi... Read More »