How to Play GH3 Songs?

Answer Guitar Hero 3 is one of the original Guitar Hero games for all video games systems. Unlike the newer versions of Guitar Hero, you cannot import these songs to the other games to play on the same di... Read More »

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I downloaded iTunes 9 onto your new computer and now my iPod wont play songs or games the games show up as a blank white screen and the songs will flash briefly what is wrong with it?

Can you play MP3 songs on an iPod?

According to Apple's iPod support site: if you can play the file type on iTunes, it should play on an iPod. This includes the MP3 file type. Apple recommends using the latest iPod and iTunes softwa... Read More »

How to Play Metallica Songs?

Metallica is a very cool band and the guitar is very cool sounding. But is pretty hard to play, so I hope this helps cause I have had trouble with it before.

How to Play Songs on the Violin?

The violin is a wonderful instrument with a long history, and is often used in songs. This article should help you to learn how to play your favourite songs on the violin.