How to Play "Froggy Farkel"?

Answer Froggy Farkel is a special edition of standard Farkel by Legendary Games Inc. The dice vary from standard dice by using the image of a frog for the No. 1. The rules for Froggy Farkel are the same a... Read More »

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How to Score in Classic Farkel?

Classic Farkel is an easy dice game that requires only six dice with a pen and paper to keep scores. According to, Sir Albert Farkle began the game in the 14th century. Other source... Read More »

What is the number to Froggy 95?

I found this at the site below:Froggy 95 Hoplines: Toll Free: 1-800-359-5477Local: 814-255-9550Office Line:(814) 255-4186 Mailing Address: 109 Plaza DriveJohnstown, PA 15905Froggy 95 Office Contact... Read More »

What does being in a froggy mood mean?

The word froggy describes a state of jumpiness and agitation with a desire to fight. Being in a froggy mood can also mean feeling anxious, lively and ready to do something. Froggy can also mean int... Read More »

On froggy jump how do you get achievements?

Complete specific tasks, they aren't going to be easy... unless you look up a game guide that tells you how. Sorry if that wasn't what you wanted as a answer.