How to Play Flashlight Tag?

Answer Playing tag has always been about outrunning whoever is "It." But now, you can add a fun twist, making the game more about stealth and tact, by using flashlights to transform the game. Here are two... Read More »

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How to Play Flashlight?

This is a variant of the childhood game fourty-fourty. Similar to flashlight tag except the hiders have to make it "home"

How to Play Flashlight Zombies?

Do you want to play Zombie Tag but outside with a flashlight? Who knew?

What is an LED flashlight?

An LED flashlight has a light emitting diode (LED) for its light source. An LED emits light when charged with electricity. LED lights are more efficient, lasting longer and using less power than in... Read More »

My Self-Defensive Flashlight WS-800?

Mechanical loose connection due droped. Try taking the battery out and reseating it. Gona sell it? For what, $ 10? You can buy a new one on line for around $ 20 with free shipping.