How to Play Drums With the Correct Stick Grip?

Answer Drums are great fun to play, and all you need is a drum and a pair of sticks. Drum sticks are used to play marching drums, drum kits, orchestral snare drum, concert toms and many other kinds of dru... Read More »

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My friend is 12 years old and he wants to play the drums what drums should he start off with?

At 12 he will be big enough for an adult sized kit. There are many to choose from so can't really say what specific brands to look at without knowing what he can spend. But yeah, definitely a full ... Read More »

How to Grip a Hockey Stick?

How to properly grip your hockey stick for maximum accuracy and mobility.

How to Teach a Correct Pencil Grip?

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How to Choose the Correct Hockey Stick Curve and Flex?

Hockey sticks vary greatly in their flexibility, usually called the "flex" and the curve of the blade. Depending on your style of play, your skill level and your position, the flex and curve of a ... Read More »