How to Play Dreamcast on a Widescreen TV?

Answer Dreamcast is an older game system that hit the market before the wide-screen TV boom, so its games were made to fit the box screen TV's picture. If you own a wide-screen TV and a Dreamcast you are ... Read More »

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How to Turn on Dreamcast VMU?

When Sega released the Dreamcast video game system in 1999, it introduced many improvements over its previous system, the Saturn, and several innovations. One of those innovations was the VMU, or V... Read More »

How to Burn a MDF for Dreamcast?

The Dreamcast is the final home console developed by Sega, first released in 1998. Dreamcast disc images are typically encoded in the .CDI Disc Juggler image format, though they may also be encoded... Read More »

Should i Buy Me a Sega DreamCast?

How do i download dreamcast vmu games to the vmu?

From Within a Dreamcast GameSelect the VMU or mini-game section of a Dreamcast game's main menu and then download the VMU game. Players must reach a specific plot point in some games before VMU con... Read More »