How to Play Bounce Lite on iPod Touch?

Answer Bounce On Lite is part Sonic, part Super Mario Brothers, and you can play it on your iPod touch. In the game, you play the role of a small red ball trying to roll or bounce your way back to your bo... Read More »

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How do you play icopter on the ipod touch?

Just tap and hold your finger on the screen to fly.

Can you play webkinz on iPod touch?

Sorry but no, you can not play webkinz on your ipod touch. I have a ipod touch and when I go to it says you need adobe flash player. sorry but you can not download adobe flash player to... Read More »

Can you play roblox on ipod touch?

No you can't Apple doesn't allow flash games which is one of the necessities for Roblox. If they come out with an app then that would be the only way, but until then you can't.

Ipod touch can play mp4 videos?

Q:can ipod touches play videos?A: Duh......yea ipod touch can play mp4 videos, only mp4 videos... you need to convert it to mp4 and put it on itunes, than like music just copy to the device...