How to Play Background Music?

Answer Background music should not outdo the main medium. A mild, mellow and rare sound needs to complement a theme. Making background music is creating a mood for an occasion, a story, prayers, intercess... Read More »

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How to Play Background Music on Call of Duty 5?

How to play background music on Cod 5 in just 3 easy steps!

Is it Legal to Play Radio Stations as Background Music in a Retail Store?

Music playing in the background often is a part of the shopping experience, one of those nice little touches supplied by merchants to make their stores friendly to customers. Many merchants, howeve... Read More »

If your DVD player will play background music but not the actors' voices what is wrong and can you find repair instructions on the Internet?

AnswerIt's probably because the DVD player is set to play 5.1 surround but you do not have a surround system. Go to your DVD's audio setting and change it from 5.1 to normal stereo. _______________... Read More »

Background music in BBC I'd do anything?

It isn't really one set piece of music... there's a lot of different bits and bobs in there! There's some stuff by Ludovico Einaudi (Album: Divenire, Track:Monday), some by Craig Armstrong (The Gl... Read More »