How to Plant in Large Containers?

Answer Growing plants and flowers in large containers makes a monumental impact on your landscape. Container growing allows the gardener to plant where soil or space is at a premium. There is no shortage ... Read More »

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Can Blueberries Be Planted in Large Containers?

Most blueberry plants reach 5 to 6 feet tall when mature, with a spread of about 4 feet. They prefer rich, acidic soil, regular water and full sun. If you plant a full-size blueberry plant in a con... Read More »

How do I plant arabesque pottery plant containers?

PreparationCheck the bottom of the arabesque pot for drainage holes. If there aren't any, line the bottom of the pot with two inches of gravel or stones. You can also drill three holes in the botto... Read More »

How do I plant Arabic pottery plant containers?

AssessEvaluate your Arabic pottery piece, checking for drainage holes and cracks. Drill drainage holes if needed, using a hand drill. Measure the diameter of the piece's mouth.Purchase InsertsPurch... Read More »

How do I plant in containers?

PreparationSelect a container that is twice the size of the roots of the desired plant. Open the drainage holes in the bottom of the container. Place a 1/2-inch layer of small pebbles in the bottom... Read More »