How to Plant a Windmill Palm Tree?

Answer The Windmill palm tree is one of the hardiest palm species. It can tolerate cold temperatures up to 10 degrees F, and is also tolerant of salt and high winds. The Windmill palm does well in shade, ... Read More »

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When does a windmill palm tree bloom?

Windmill palm trees (Trachycarpus fortunei) produce small and inconspicuous white or yellow flowers in the hot summer months. The flowers yielded by this tree aren't showy but do emit a pleasant fr... Read More »

Planting Instructions for a Windmill Palm Tree?

The windmill palm tree--scientifically known as Trachycarpus fortunei, and also called the chusan palm and the Chinese fan palm--features fan-shaped fronds arranged in a symmetrical crown and a sle... Read More »

How big will a windmill palm tree seedling get in a year?

Windmill palms grow 1.42 feet per year. They can reach a total of 30 feet but are typically much smaller: 10 to 20 feet. Windmill palm trees are cold hardy palms and can survive down to -20 degrees... Read More »

How to Plant a Palm Tree?

Palm trees are popular landscaping plants in tropical regions, especially in coastal areas. They are resistant to storm winds, while offering a tropical ambiance to the landscape they are located i... Read More »