How to Plant a River Birch?

Answer River birch trees, or Betula nigra, occur naturally in moist woodlands and wetlands across the eastern United States. The tall and graceful appearance of river birch trees makes them suitable for l... Read More »

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Description of the River Birch?

The river birch tree (Betula nigra) is a deciduous plant that is also referred to as black, water or red birch. Flourishing in USDA hardiness zones 4 through 9, it grows throughout the eastern half... Read More »

Do deer like to eat river birch trees?

Deer can cause significant damage to trees, bushes and shrubs, and may try to eat a river birch tree. However, they will most likely not enjoy the tree. Some trees act as natural deer repellent, an... Read More »

How do I fertilize Red River birch trees?

Apply 8 lbs (2 lbs of nitrogen per 100 square feet of the tree's crown) of 12-12-12 fertilizer to a full-grown Red River birch in an area about 25 percent larger then the crown of the tree with a d... Read More »

Scale Disease and the Bark of River Birch Trees?

The River birch tree is native to the southeastern portion of the United States. Recognized as the most adaptive of the birch trees, it is quite beautiful even without leaves due to its unique bark... Read More »