How to Plant a Lawn in the Fall in New Hampshire?

Answer New Hampshire has a variety of soil types and climates, according to the University of New Hampshire. Therefore, lawns in New Hampshire grow best when gardeners choose sod from seed mixtures tailor... Read More »

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Should you rake your neighbors lawn when your tree leaves fall on their property?

It would buy you a lot of good will with your neighbors.

Is it legal to have a neighbours plants/trees grow into my own garden and have their fruits fall on my lawn?

In the UK, you have a legal right to cut back anything that overhangs into your boundary, but you must place anything that you do cut back into their garden. Any fruits etc that land in your garden... Read More »

I have a murray 46in riding lawn mower.I drove over a big pile of leaves last fall ,never started again.?

First, you need to determine if you have spark and fuel. A quick way to do this is to remove the spark plugs and put a teaspoon of gas into the spark plug hole, replace the plugs and try to start ... Read More »

How do you plant a lawn?

AnswerThe easiest way is to use sod pieces, either solidly or with some space apart from one another. You'll want to have a level area, possibly with manure mixed in and then lay the sod on top. Do... Read More »