How to Plant a Garden in Relation to a Septic System Drain Field?

Answer Planting a garden over a septic system drain field is often not recommended, but with some cautious selection and placement of plants, you can still have a successful garden in limited form. It is ... Read More »

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How do I plant trees near a conventional septic system?

Location and Tree SelectionDo not plant trees directly above the septic tank or pipes. Plant trees at least 20 feet from the edge of the septic system to prevent the roots from causing septic syste... Read More »

How to Plant on Your Septic System Drainfield or Leachfield?

Thinking about planting on your drain field or leach field? Many varieties of plants assist your septic drain system in functioning at optimal capacity by continually removing water and organics fo... Read More »

Septic Field Failure?

A septic system is made up of a septic tank that separates liquid and solid wastes and the drainfields that extend out into the property away from the residence. Solid waste breaks down in the sept... Read More »

Sewage Lagoon Vs. Septic Field?

Choosing between a sewage lagoon or septic field (also called a lateral field or drain field) on-site sewage treatment system is based more on necessity than on preference. Government authorities t... Read More »