How to Plant a Bush Cutting?

Answer Cutting propagation provides a simple and effective method of creating new plants at home using stems from healthy, mature plant specimens. Bushes or shrubs respond well to cutting propagation in m... Read More »

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What's the difference between cutting and rooted cutting for a plant?

well one is rooted and one is not.if you have never "cloned" before, I would get the rooted one, then maybe even buy a couple cuttings and try to root them yourself. getting a cutting to root is r... Read More »

How much root cutting can be done to a lilac bush?

You can do as many root cuttings as you desire on your lilac, but every root cutting you do will reduce the number of blooms you will get on the current bush. The best time to do a root cutting is ... Read More »

Can i root a cutting from a snowball bush?

Snowball bush (Viburnum caricephalum) is propagated through cuttings. Softwood cuttings do best in June and July, while hardwood cuttings are taken in September. Place the cuttings in lightweight s... Read More »

How do i root a cutting from a rose bush?

Prepare the CuttingPlace a healthy, disease-free cutting into a plastic bag and seal it. Place the bag in a refrigerator overnight to let the cutting heal.Prepare the GroundPoke a hole the width of... Read More »