How to Plant Poppy Seeds?

Answer I would like to start by saying that ppopy seeds need loose soil to grow in. They are versatile and can grow in many environments. They add color to any garden and are rewarding to grow. One can on... Read More »

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Can you plant poppy seeds?

The seed extracted from the Papaver sonniferum species of poppy is the only variety illegal to grow. Caucasus poppy, California poppy, Iceland poppy, oriental poppy and Shirley poppy are all legal ... Read More »

How Save the Seeds From a Poppy Plant?

Poppies usually need to be replanted each spring, as an annual flower. With their large seed pods, each containing hundreds of seeds, they are a suitable choice for learning the art of seed saving,... Read More »

When should I plant poppy seeds in Wisconsin?

On One Hand: Spring Planting Is Usually Best for WisconsinThere are many species of poppies. Most can be planted in either early spring or late fall, though the seeds of even the hardiest poppies m... Read More »

What is the plant that grows poppy seeds?

The poppy plant grows poppy seeds. The poppy plant can have purple, red, pink or white flowers. Poppy seeds are not narcotic; it is the milky substance collected from immature seed capsules contain... Read More »