How to Plant Lettuce?

Answer Planting lettuce from seed is something that can be both fun and a good excuse for you to get outside the house and enjoy the outdoors for a little while. While you will save time, money and gas by... Read More »

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How do i plant a lettuce seed?

Fill a seed tray with soil. Leave about 1/4-inch gap between the top of the tray and the soil. Gently spread the seeds on the top of the soil. Do not overcrowd the seeds.Cover the seeds with a thin... Read More »

How to Plant Lettuce in a Container?

Even if you don't have a backyard big enough for a garden, you can still grow vegetables. In fact, when others are outside getting messy in their gardens, you can grow your vegetables out on your p... Read More »

How do I plant& prime a lettuce seed?

PlantingPlant the lettuce seeds ¼ inch deep and align them in rows. Space the seeds as thinly as possible to allow space in the garden. Tamp the seeds down, cover with a fine layer of loose soil a... Read More »

My 4 yr old son eats mostly vegetables especially lettuce at lunch and dinner and his abdomen is distended as though he is suffering from malnutrition do vegetable especially lettuce cause this?

looks like it could be a build up of gas - perhaps aome expert advice/check is required just to check that all is OK.