How to Plant Greenhouse Plants Outside?

Answer Plants that are growing in a greenhouse are used to their ideal environment, 24 hours a day. Outdoors though, plants are exposed to varying light, water, winds and temperatures. Moving them from th... Read More »

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Grapevines.... serious question. we have acquired a plant and are told to plant outside the greenhouse, can?

Please refer:……

When can I plant my tomato plants outside?

On One Hand: Plant Tomatoes When Temperatures Reach 60According to Tomato Gardening Guru, tomato plants can be planted outside once the average daily temperature reaches 60 degrees F in your area. ... Read More »

What is a greenhouse made of on the outside?

You can use several different types of enclosuresPlastic sheeting is used,Glass with steel frames are usedthere are some corrugated plastic panels with metal frames

Is pollination needed for greenhouse plants?

Plants that require pollination in the wild still require pollination in your greenhouse. Plants pollinate in four ways: animal contact (frequently bees), self-pollination, human hand or wind. If y... Read More »