How to Plant Grass on Lawn With Weeds?

Answer If your lawn has developed weeds or unwanted grass varieties, address the weed problem before you plant more grass. This prevents weeds from getting worse and sets you on a path to preventing weeds... Read More »

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How to Get Grass to Grow in a Lawn That Is Mostly Weeds?

While most homeowners prefer to start yard projects in spring, according to the University of Minnesota at Morris, the best time to get grass to grow on a lawn that is mostly weeds is in the fall. ... Read More »

What product will kill the weeds in my lawn but not harm the grass?

You need a Weed & Feed granular product. Since you have recently seeded, please wait until the new grass has been mowed three times. Scott's makes a great granular weed & feed called Turf Builder... Read More »

I have a large lawn, about 80% of it is dead the rest is just patches of grass and weeds, how do i revive it?

You have to figure out why it's dead. No sun, not enough water, thatch??? You should first get it aerated and power seeded. Keep it watered well, at least an inch a week. That is about 2 hours ... Read More »

How do I plant lawn grass seed?

Spread the SeedSpread the seed over your lawn by hand, or using a mechanical spreader. Spread half of the seed in one direction and the other half in the opposite direction for even coverage and fe... Read More »