How to Plan a Proof of the Properties of Parallel Lines?

Answer You can plan geometric proofs by reasoning both forward and backward. You need to find some premises that you think you can use to deduce your conclusion. Reason forward from your premises; ask wha... Read More »

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How to Write a Proof for Perpendicular and Parallel Lines?

Proofs involving parallel and perpendicular lines are actually quite easy to solve. Remember: When it comes to proofs, take what you want the answer to be and do the problem in reverse to create it.

Ways to Make Parallel Lines & Perpendicular Lines?

According to Euclid, a straight line goes on forever. When there is more than one line in a plane, the situation becomes more interesting. If two lines never intersect, the lines are parallel. If t... Read More »

What are parallel lines?

Eg / / and ll (like the 2 ll's in the word parallel) are examples of parallel lines.

Are the lines of latitude parallel?

Lines of latitude are parallel with the equator, and are often referred to as the parallels. They are numbered in ascending order as they move either north or south from the equator.References:Wor... Read More »