How to Plan Project-Based Learning Activities?

Answer Individuals and teams learn differently. This is evidenced in their comprehension of materials in varying speed, depth and medium. Researchers in educational curricula, Benjamin Bloom and his colle... Read More »

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Project-Based Learning Activities for Elementary School Kids?

Increasingly, teachers are using project-based learning to teach their students concepts. The approach is built upon using scenarios applicable to real life, while holding student interest and imme... Read More »

Project-Based Learning Lessons?

Project-based learning (PBL) activities challenge students to work cooperatively to solve problems. PBL lessons involve investigation, an extended timeline, working collaboratively and a performanc... Read More »

The Purpose of Project-Based Learning?

Project-based learning is a type of learning that involves students working together in small groups to complete projects. These projects give students the opportunity to explore real-life challeng... Read More »

The Pros Vs. Cons of Project-Based Learning?

Project-based learning tasks students with the responsibility of working in small groups to solve a real-life or classroom-based problem with little or no initial guidance or suggestion from the te... Read More »