How to Plan Lighting?

Answer Good lighting can make a room feel welcoming. To design proper lighting in a room, you must first take the natural light into account and decide whether sunlight needs to be restrained. Then add a ... Read More »

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How to Plan Bathroom Lighting?

Bathroom lighting illuminates your bathroom and shower or bathtub for different moods. Sometimes the lighting can be used to enhance a romantic and relaxing bath or to create a practical space for ... Read More »

Any suggestions on affordable lighting ideas for lighting a "green screen" for chroma keying?

try portable halogen work's a quick search result:…

How many hours lighting is required for long and short day lighting?

The amount of lighting varies by plant type. However, a general rule would be more than 12 hours of darkness for short-day plants, less than 12 hours of darkness for long-day.while the above answer... Read More »

When Should I change/use ISO, D-lighting, Active D-Lighting, WB, etc.?

You really need to enroll in photography classes.You also need to READ & STUDY the Owner's Manual for your camera. The Manual contains all the information you're asking about. It explains ISO, D-li... Read More »