How to Place the Value of a Number?

Answer The place value of a particular number refers to the location of the decimal point within that number. More specifically, it refers to how many numbers are present to the right or the left of a dec... Read More »

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Does anyone know the number to place your phone number on the "do not call" list?

Where should you place a return authorization number?

The return authorization number should be placed (clearly visible) on the outside of the box being used to return the merchandise. A return authorization number can be obtained by contacting the st... Read More »

How to Estimate by Rounding Each Number to the Same Place Value?

Estimating the answer to a calculation instead of solving it completely may save space, time, or effort. In return for those savings, however, accuracy is lost. When a problem requires rounding a n... Read More »

How to Write Down a Whole Number Place Value to a Numeral?

A whole number is a number that is not accompanied by either a fraction or a decimal point. There is no remainder, as the number itself is very specific. If you have a number that has a decimal poi... Read More »