How to Place a Liner Under the Waterfall?

Answer Designing and building your own waterfall requires attention to detail. While a basic cascading waterfall appears simple, water finds the shortest route downhill. If your liner is not installed cor... Read More »

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Which is better and why, Liquid eye-liner or pencil eye-liner?

Which do you like better: liquid eye liner or pencil eye liner?

Well it depends on the kind of effect you're trying to achieve and what suits you best. If you want a sharp, solid line then go for liquid liner but if you want a smudgy look then go for pencil eye... Read More »

What's the difference between the waterfall process model and the optimized waterfall process model?

they are the ways through which a software project is developed...requirements ---> design ---> implementation ----> testing -----> maintenance..-it s called the "sequential model"-it s the very... Read More »

How to Draw a Waterfall?

Waterfalls come in many shapes and are sometimes a combination of effects. They may be a high cascading waterfall that plunges to the bottom or a small trickling stream that tumbles off of a ledge.... Read More »