How to Place Negative Fractions on a Number Line?

Answer Placing negative fractions on a number line can be a bit tricky, depending on whether the fractions have the same denominator or if their denominators differ. It is relatively straightforward if th... Read More »

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How to Place Fractions on a Number Line?

A fraction is a division of a whole number, divided into a top half (numerator) and bottom half (denominator). Proper fractions represent values between 0 and 1, e.g. "3/4" and "2/3." Improper frac... Read More »

How to Help With Number Line Fractions?

As students progress in their math classes, they will have to start applying basic concepts from one area to different areas of study. For example, they may need to apply their knowledge of fractio... Read More »

How to Graph Fractions on a Number Line?

Number lines are visual aids that make it easier to compare groups of numbers. Most number lines resemble rulers, in that they are horizontal lines divided by evenly-spaced markers labeled with who... Read More »

Fractions on a Number Line Activities?

Help your students learn about large and small fractions with an activity within your lesson. Activities break up the routine of traditional instruction and engage students as they reinforce concep... Read More »