How to Pickup My Sprint Voicemail Messages From Another Phone?

Answer Callers to your Sprint phone can leave messages when you are unable to answer the phone. An alert will be sent to your phone to let you know there is a new voice mail message. The message can be re... Read More »

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Can you view Sprint phone text messages online?

According to Sprint’s website, short messages (SMS) cannot be read online. However, if the Sprint user has a data plan, SMS messages can be viewed online in the recipient’s instant message (IM)... Read More »

How to Block Text Messages & Phone Calls on Sprint?

Spam or unwanted calls and text messages can become a hindrance. It can get so bad that you might turn off your phone, and miss important calls, just to avoid the annoyance. If Sprint is your cellp... Read More »

How do I dial directly to a voicemail without ringing someone's cell phone aka "voicemail backdoor"?

depending on the carrier.... dial the area code the first 3 numbers of the number then MAIL..(1-646-458-mail). then the recording will ask enter the ten digit mobile number... then your in the voi... Read More »

How to Retrieve Sprint Voicemail Remotely?

In a technology-focused environment, it is very common for people to rely heavily on cellular devices. In fact, one in four homes has a cell phone but not a landline. Therefore, minor issues like a... Read More »