How to Pickle Paperwhites?

Answer Paperwhite narcissus can cheer up winter-weary rooms with their blossoms and heavenly scent. Easy to force into bloom indoors, these flowers have only one setback: they grow on long stalks. The blo... Read More »

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When do paperwhites bloom?

Paperwhites are an early winter flowering bulb that grow in USDA Hardiness Zones 8 to 11. Depending on the freezing temperatures, paperwhites appear between December and January. Paperwhites are co... Read More »

How to Replant Paperwhites?

Paperwhite narcissus resemble pure white versions of their relative the daffodil. These perennial bulb flowers are often forced in pots for indoor winter blooms. Once forced, the bulbs must repleni... Read More »

How to Store Paperwhites?

Tender perennials, paperwhite narcissus are often forced indoors for late winter blooms. These relatives of the daffodil produce white, daffodil-like blossoms. The bulbs can survive and flower agai... Read More »

How do i keep reblooming paperwhites?

Remove Old FlowersRemove spent flowers before they go to seed, but do not cut off any leaves. This will keep the paperwhite plant from wasting its energy growing seeds and will redirect that energy... Read More »