How to Pickle Mango?

Answer Mangos grow on trees that can reach 65 feet tall. The oval-shaped mango has bright red skin when ripened, and inside is sweet yellow-orange fruit with a large seed at the center. Mango is succulent... Read More »

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How to Make Mango Pickle?

Mango pickle is a spicy condiment to foods anywhere. Spread on bread, eat with roti or any kind of parantha, and even rice. Pickle - not a nice sight but the taste...

How to Make Mango Pickle (Indian Style)?

Indian cuisine is one of variety. The simplest, yet tastiest of food combinations exist in India. Once such dish is the very famous south Indian mango pickle. Its spicy yet tangy flavor is perfect ... Read More »

How to Make Mango and Yogurt Drink (Mango Lassi)?

Mango Lassi is a refreshing yogurt drink that is surprisingly easy to make. Try whipping up a batch of these instead of milkshakes on the next hot day to have with lunch or dinner.

How to grow a mango plant out of a mango stone?

Mangoes are easy to grow. Simply bury the seed about two inches deep in a one gallon sized pot of good soil, keep it warm and moist and when the seedling is six or eight inches tall you can transp... Read More »