How to Pickle Lime Food?

Answer Pickled lime has been one of the major flavors in Indian cooking for several hundred years. Nimbu ka achaar, also called achar limau in Malaysian cooking, or lime pickles, are used in many countrie... Read More »

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What type of food is a pickle?

A pickle is made from a cucumber, which makes it a fruit because cucumbers have seeds. Botanists call cucumbers fruits because they develop from the reproductive structures of plants. Fruits are th... Read More »

What is your favorite food with lime as an ingredient?

I love fresh squeezed lime on grilled chicken and shrimp.

How much lime juice equals one lime?

One medium lime will yield at least 1 tbsp. of lime juice. When the fruit comes to room temperature and is rolled back and forth before juicing, it will produce about 2 tbsp. of lime juice.Source:T... Read More »

Mojo Lime - Liquid Lime?

Yes, there is a difference. Liquid lime is preferred over dry lime for it’s superior handling (no dust) and results. Results are superior using liquid lime because a more even and thorough applic... Read More »