How to Pick the Right Torque Converter for a 350 Turbo Engine?

Answer To the average gearhead, a torque converter's method of function seems fairly straightforward: the converter allows the engine to spin to a certain rpm before it engages the transmission. The basic... Read More »

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How do I Pick a Torque Converter?

Even experienced car enthusiasts may be confused by the intricacies of selecting an aftermarket torque converter. First, it's important for buyers to understand the purpose of a torque converter. W... Read More »

How to Unbolt the Torque Converter on a Locked Up Engine?

If the engine is locked up and won't turn, and you need to remove the torque converter, remove the transmission to gain access to the bolts. The torque converter is bolted to the flywheel or flexpl... Read More »

How to Install a Torque Convertor in a Turbo 350?

A torque converter is a vital part of any automatic vehicle's driveline. The torque converter is what links the engine and transmission via a fluid coupling inside a sealed case. A faulty torque co... Read More »

What Happens When a Torque Converter Goes Bad?

Magnetic rollers are hard plastic cylinders with ventilation holes, called "magnetic" because wet hair seems to stick to them without the use of styling products. While magnetic rollers can create ... Read More »