How to Pick a Mohawk?

Answer A mohawk is a type of hairstyle characterized by short hair on either side of the head and a strip of longer hair going down the middle of the head. There are several types of mohawks to choose fro... Read More »

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How to Cut a Mohawk?

The mohawk has stood the test of time. In recent years, instead of mainly the teenage population sporting this look, other segments of the population have begun to adopt this hair style as well. It... Read More »

How to Fan a Mohawk?

Showoff your awesome style by fanning your Mohawk straight up. Mohawks are cut in a vertical line straight up your scalp, and range from a short 'hawk to a tall 'hawk, depending on your personal pr... Read More »

How to Gel a Mohawk?

If you have a mohawk haircut, you more than likely want it to stand up. Whether in one solid row down the middle of your head or in individual spikes, you will need to learn to gel your hair in a w... Read More »