How to Pick a Fragrance?

Answer Fragrance is a highly personal thing. What one person may find putrid, another person might think smells amazing. People have individual preferences in terms of fragrance, just as they do in taste... Read More »

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How to Pick a Fragrance Free Sunscreen?

I hate the smell of sunscreen. I am not sure if I just hate because I hate it, or I have an allergy to it. Whatever the reason, once summer kicks into full gear, I smell it everywhere. I can't u... Read More »

I'm coming up to making a big decision and i cant decide whether to pick the MacBook air or the Ipad 2 and I'm very close to high school so i need something that will be useful so what do i pick then?

What Is Fragrance?

A fragrance is made from a pleasant smelling aroma compound. To be a fragrance the compound needs to be made of volatile chemicals that create an odor. The odor or fragrance has to have a smell th... Read More »

What Does EDT in Fragrance Mean?

The acronym EDT refers to "eau de toilette," a fragrance preparation that contains a small amount of perfume in a large amount of carrier alcohol. The cost is therefore less than more concentrated ... Read More »