How to Pick Meaningful Japanese Tattoo Symbols?

Answer The Japanese language has three type of character symbols used for different purpose in written communication. Japanese tattoo symbols are written in all three: Kanji, Katacana and Hiragana scripts... Read More »

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Symbols for tattoo (Chinese, Japanese, etc...)?

Well, Japanese Kanji and Traditional Chinese are very similar, so there won't be much of a difference there.

Would you ever get a tattoo of a design that looks nice, but isn't particularly meaningful to you?

Since it is going to be embossed on me for life it should have a significance afterall i am going to see it everyday. Personally NO but have a friend who regretted having a tattoo that was named af... Read More »

Types of Japanese Symbols?

Today, the Japanese use three sets of characters along with Romaji, Japanese syllables expressed in the Latin alphabet. Throughout Japan's history, the writing system developed from Chinese symbols... Read More »

What is the meaning of japanese symbols?

There are four types of Japanese symbols: katakana, hiragana, kanji and family crests. Katakana and hiragana symbols have no meaning, but are instead phonetic characters. Family crests denote histo... Read More »