How to Petition a Court in Michigan?

Answer The Michigan code of civil procedure governs the manner through which you petition a court in the state. The basic document used to petition a court in Michigan and commence any type of civil actio... Read More »

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What is a court petition?

A court petition is a formal request sent to the court asking for a specific action to be taken. Examples of issues for which you can file a court petition include a name change, divorce, custody o... Read More »

How do you petition the court to have something removed?

There is no legal bar, but it is unlikely that any public adoption agency would support your application. Many 18 year old people are unable to care for themselves so without some very special cir... Read More »

How do you petition the court for expungment?

What do my parents need to do to let me be adopted by my aunt and uncle at sixteen

Can you petition the court without an attorney?

You may file a petition with the court without the use of an attorney. The clerk of the courts office is usually available to ensure you have the right form for your particular situation. The clerk... Read More »