How to Permanently Dye Your Hair Blue?

Answer Dyeing your hair a bright color can be a fun and quick way to alter your appearance. Once considered a style reserved for punk rockers and outcasts, it is now popular amongst celebrities and musici... Read More »

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What is better for my hair, - getting it permanently straight, or permanently thinned out?

There are so many people out there that would die for thick voluminous hair like yours, and you want to get rid of it?!? Embrace it, don't hate it!!! A BETTER idea would be to scrunch your hair. It... Read More »

How to Permanently Straighten Your Hair?

To permanently straighten your hair, you must weaken the hair bonds by chemically altering them. Chemical treatments such as lye and no-lye relaxers use sodium or potassium hydroxide to destroy you... Read More »

How to Die Your Hair Permanently with Kool-Aid?

You may know Kool-Aid as a tasty drink mix, but it's also frequently used by a certain segment of the population as a hair dye -- for example, by those who seek to color their hair magenta or elect... Read More »

The Best Ways to Permanently Straighten Your Hair?

Straight hair is in vogue. If you desire straight hair, you may face cost and time issues. Several treatments can help you maintain straight hair at a fairly reasonable cost and with less daily att... Read More »